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Based in Düsseldorf, we do follow our home club FORTUNA and travel once or twice a year to England to support IPSWICH TOWN – and in return, our friends from Portman Road visit us on a regular base here in Düsseldorf as well.

What started to be just organized as an annual christmas trip once a year has lead us meanwhile to ITFC matches home and away from Portman Road and about 900 Fans have followed us all the way to England since January 2006, when it all began.

F95 and ITFC club officials have assisted us as well for example when we needed help by ordering match-tickets or we got permission to produce  a scarve in both club colours and containing both club badges.

All english speaking ITFC supporters , living here in Germany are more than welcome to join us on our trips to England to be announced on the news page here on our site and of course will be invited to visit us when Fortuna is playing  home or away.

Please send enquiries to derhildener@derhildener.com

tractor boys


17th July 2013




Found in 1895, the Club startet as well as a lot of other German Football Clubs not as a Football Club but rather as an athltetics or gym club, at a time, when football was a pure working class affair and not beeing tolerated at all by a lot of other people involved in most kind of sports at this time.

However, based in the eastern suburb of Flingern, Düsseldorf  – the club turned mainly into football in 1911 but beeing named from the start on as Alemannia 1911.

In 1912 the club changed their name into Fortuna and as club historicans maintain that while thinking about a proper name for the club – some members, belonging to the clubs management board, while sitting on a bench somewhere in Flingern –  picked Fortuna as a name, when a coach and horse passed by, written Fortuna in big letters  on the wooden sides of  that coach, belonging to a big bread bakery. The year 1895 was adopted as the official establishing date.

Germany` s first nationwide football division, the Bundesliga established only in  1963 and so, Fortuna played their first decades of football regional, mainly in the western premier league and the german football championship as a contest was played in a nationwide knock out system, and the championship holders of their respective county leagues beeing allowed to take part on this contest during the early years of top class german football.

In 1933, Fortuna had their most successfull year in the clubs history by reaching the all german football final v western rivals Schalke 04, wining that match by 3-0 and the match was played on neutral ground away at Müngersdorfer Stadion, Cologne.

Later in 1937, Fortuna reached the all german football championship final again but finished up only as runners up by losing 1-2 v 1.FC Nuremberg.


When the premier nationwide german football league was established, Fortuna was not elected as founder members of the Bundesliga at all and had to wait until 1966 and got  promoted to top class football then, but only for a year, even though, the club started as huge underdogs with a 2-1 win away at Rote Erde Stadium at Borussia Dortmund. Anyway, Fortuna was relegated after only one year back to regional division west.

The 2-1 win at Dortmund was not only the most surprising shock at this time but start of a an amazing record : whenever Fortuna won away at Borussia Dortmund, six times all together during their spells at Bundesliga, it was always done by 2-1.

The club did way better then during their second time as a member of the Bundesliga playing top class football from 1971 until 1987 and playing high flying seasons nearly right from the beginning that time, finishing up on 3rd position twice in 72/73 and 73/74.

The time from 1987 until 1999 was a constant up and down between the top leagues and in 92/93 – the club was even relegated int 3rd level of german football – and again, the club came back to bundesliga football for at least two years between 1995 and 1997 – but he club had to face worse times.

Financial missmanagement and many sportive errors left Fortuna drop down even into 4th football level and nearly into club administration .

Following Fortuna since 1972 – I have to say, that even in the darkest hours of our club, it was the most impressive and even enjoyable time, because the club really became a club at this time, when club officials, players and the remaining supporters where getting very close and fighting for the pure existence of Fortuna – with a lot of inspiration, heart and soul.

Fortuna – the old lady – nearly dead in the early years of the 2k century was followed by 5 – 8000 supporters home and away at this time – and finally, we all managed to change back into better times, way better – bringing us back again int Bundesliga Football, again and sadly – only for a year.

Starting again in Division 2 this year, the clubs finances are stable, the squad a good mixture between young and experienced and the sky over Düsseldorf and the river rhine seems to be bright for the forthcoming season.


Fortuna belongs to the more successful clubs in the german cup competition and reached the german cup final seven times all together, finishing as runner up five times and winning this competition twice in 1979 (v 1.FC Cologne – Gelsenkirchen, Parkstadion) and 1980 (v Hertha BSC, – Hannover, Niedersachsen Stadion).



Playing the UEFA CUP  in 73/74 and 74/75,  Fortuna reached the 3rd round twice but got knocked out v Lokomotive Leipzig (2-1 / 0-3) in 74 and v FC Amsterdam (2-1 / 0-3) in 75.


Playing in 78/79 (as runners up finalists – when Cologne won both, german championship and german cup) Fortuna reached the European cup winners cup final in Basel in 1979 and lost v Barcelona after extra time by 3-4.

79/80 1st. Round v Rangers (1-2 / 0-0)

80/81 Quarter finalists v Benfica (2-2 / 0-1)


Reserve teams in germany do not play their own league competition but play in normal amateur or lower professional leagues.

Fortuna Reserves won the all german amateur championship in 1977


Until 1919, the club played at Lichtplatz, Düsselorf Flingern, then moving to Vennhauser Allee until 1930. Since 1930, Club Ground and Club Home is in Flingern at Flinger Broich, now named as Paul Janes Stadion after Fortuna  record international player Paul Janes.

Ground and premises used to belong to the club but had to be sold to the county council in the early 80ties, when the club faced financial problems again.Meanwhile, the facilities are on adequate standard, the stadium and main stand well equipped and can hold up to 8.000 spectators.

Grounds and stadium are used now only by youth and reserves teams.

From 1972 until 2002, Fortuna played their home matches at Rhinestadium ( approx. 70.000) Düsseldorf – Stockum. The stadium was demolished in 2003 and rebuild as an arena immediately after that and is again home venue for Fortuna matches .(approx. 55.000)


The club maintaine a fierce rivalship with 1.FC Cologne, Borussia Moenchengladbach, Wuppertaler SV, Rot-Weiss Essen, MSV Duisburg and from a bit further of the field FC Schalke 04.





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